Prague Hotel Info Plenty of hotels await your arrival when visiting Prague. Be also aware that most hotels in Prague are busy nearly all year - so book early. Depending on your budget, you will be able to find what you are looking for in various parts of the city. Budget accommodations is mostly located close the main train station,  where also private rooms and apartments can be rented out.



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If you like to avoid eating fast food and will be heading out to restaurants or pubs then you can experience some great Czech traditional cuisine, with even better Czech beer at really low prices. You are not limited to just Czech food though as there is all sorts of international cuisine to choose from. You can try Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Cantonese, Italian, Balkan or what ever you want.
One traditional Czech dish is dumplings, pork, gravy and pickled cabbage, another popular one to try is roast duck. Czech cuisine has also adapted schnitzels (breaded and fried chicken or pork patties) from Vienna, goulash from Hungary and other thing like sour cream, vinegar, sour vegetables and pickles - probably from the East. Most of Czech dishes are quite filling and quite mild, fresh salads are still rare except in some cafes which serve light meals. Czechís enjoy Czech food and mostly eat in pubs, or recently fast foods & pizzas but are not really keen to experience other international cuisines. Among grab-and-go foods, bramborak (a garlic-seasoned fried potato pancake) is a quick, if greasy, local favourite. Ditto for smazeny syr (fried cheese). The parek v rohliku (hotdog in a roll) is sold from kiosk windows around the city and is a reliable bridge between an early lunch and late dinner. Lunch is mostly served between 11:30am to 3:00pm. Cheapest food can be found in pubs during lunch time where you can have lunch with drink for less then 100 CZK. Some fast foods like pizzerias can be also quite cheap, serving decent food. Dinner is served from 6pm to around 9:30pm, but some city restaurants server food until late night. Cheap restaurants including ones in centre will satisfied your belly with a drink for around 200 CZK. Mid range restaurants will charge from 250 CZK to 500 CZK for meal, not including drinks. Top restaurants for dinner can hit the bill for 2000 CZK with wine. Booking is mostly essential only at well know restaurants in summer and upmarket restaurants. Donít be surprised if you find some funny names on the menu, even we Czechs donít know where some of them come from and an explanation is usualy required. If youíre early bird, like many Czechs, you can go to a bakery, cafe shops or buffets and have breakfast from early morning for around 60 CZK. Self catering is available from many supermarkets or grocery shops called potraviny. If you want cheaper grocery shopping go out of the city centre to any supermarket, or even better to a hypermarkets.

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    Accommodation In Prague: When choosing hotels in Prague it is good to check many offers. Some hotels offer very good value when it comes to price but later don't be surprised! Many Some hotels which are in fact 3*** claims to be 4**** etc. So check all information about hotels before making booking. There is many hotels which are really beautiful, boutique hotels or romantic hotels. Take your time a search hotels at Google etc.

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